Showcase and Formation Routines

are exhilarating, fun and exciting aspects of dancing and absolutely something dancers of all levels should consider.

Why should I consider this?

It’s different style of dancing which is usually choreographed to a piece of music that you choose. Unlike Social Dancing where you never really know what music will be played next and if you are a Follower, what the Leader will do, in a Showcase or Formation routine, the dance is created to suit a particular piece of music, your personality and your dancing level. While it’s not quite “anything goes”, it does present a refreshingly creative environment with a goal that will grow your confidence and ability far faster than with regular group classes or private lessons.

Robin has been choreographing and dancing Showcase routine for over 30 years. Her extensive experience as an artist, a dancer and most importantly, a teacher will stretch your abilities, taking you to new heights.

Showcase Programs

From beginners to the more experienced, no matter if its a simple demonstration of lead/follow skills or basic figures to expressive “Dancing with the Stars” style routines, Showcases are an ideal way for your personality to shine on the dance floor.


Formation Team Programs

Formation Team dances are similar to Showcases and Competitions, the primary difference (or the only) difference is that the dance routine is choreographed for two or more couples. This in itself can make for a much more artistic and exciting experience for all involved.

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